Camp UREC Staff

2015 Staff

Camp UREC staff are paid to PLAY!

Directors are the UREC Professional staff. They work full-time for the University and love when summer rolls around so they can switch their "hat" from their Fall & Spring semester role to Camp UREC!

Programmers are App State students enrolled in class for the summer. They "make" the camp: create the activities, fill in the schedule, etc.

Counselors are App State students enrolled in summer class too! They "do" the camp: provide immediate care to the campers, executing the pre-planned, age-appropriate activities.

The Camp UREC staff go through a week long training which sets the culture for camp! We bond, learn proper policies and procedures and make a plan for the entire summer.

During camp, we meet weekly to reflect upon the week, review the details of the upcoming week and learn from each other to grow not only camp, but ourselves.

2017 Camp Staff

Past Camp UREC Family

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